I am pleased to announce that I am a new Independent Consultant for Arbonne

There is a link below to my Arbonne site, but first I wanted to tell you my story and why I am doing this.

Being a golf pro for 19 years I have learned about how important our body, health, and energy is to our game.  While my approach to this for myself had been slacking as I became more of a teacher than player, I still would give advice to my players who are currently competing to help them succeed.  Well last year in August I got a wakeup call when I was diagnosed with type-2 Diabetes.  Now fortunately for me I have two doctors in the family that were not going to let me take this very seriously and through diet mostly and a little exercise I have lower my A1C tremendously.

Big part of the diet was from a 30 day clean living challenge my sister signed me up for and it was easy to follow, it was an Arbonne program and that was my introduction.  While I only partly. follow the program afterwards I still had great success.  This year my goal into stick to the program and get myself back to playing shape. 

I also realize that having multiple streams of income is very important for financial freedom long term.  The fact that I can make a little money with products that are high quality and healthy.  Currently I am developing a complete golfer program that will help all of us become healthier and better golfers.