Beginner Golf League

Okay you have learn to hit the ball now what?  

 It's time to get on the course right?

Most people don't feel they are ready. 

 They get either intimidated by other golfers.

 Embarrassed because they are not good enough or just plain scared to go out and play.  

 Well that is where the beginner golf league comes into play.  

 Our goal here is to get you comfortable with playing on a course first at a instructional level and finally a full score keeping 9 holes rounds of golf.  

The full league starts the beginning of June and the Instructional stage will start in May with hope to get as many of you ready for the stage 2 portion of the league by the start.  

The league will be played on Saturday afternoons starting at 4 pm. The sign up fee is $25 and the three stages are broken down below. 

There will be three stages to the beginner league.

  1. The instructional portion is 3 holes of golf in a learning format.   How to play, basic rules, etiquette and pace of play.  During these rounds I will coach you during at least one if not all three holes of play.  The cost is $16 to walk.
  2. Stage two is 6 holes rounds paired up with other players at your level.  Here is where you will build up your comfort zone on the course by playing without being rushed since everyone is on the same level.  The cost is $12 to walk.
  3. Stage three is 9 holes of golf where you keep score and working on finding out what your game is and build the understanding of what it takes to be in the flow of the game.  Our goal is for you to be shooting 60 or better for 9 holes and be comfortable enough to go out and golf with friends or work functions.  The cost is $18 to walk.