Play Golf 15 

This is a new 3 month program that will get you on the course!  Get Ready Golf/Golf for Women introduce you to the game and then the idea is to start playing, well I realize more is needed to make that happen and this program is a big next step towards that effort.

A combination of clinics and private lessons on the range, plus on course group instruction, followed by instructional league play.  The goal is to get comfortable being on the course and learn how to progress effectively enough where shooting around 15 for 3 holes is doable.

To keep this affordable for each individual you will have options to purchase by level of participation that suits your needs.  So here is the list of possibilities:
  1. Level 1: 4 clinic lessons a month 3 range 1 course  $125 per month
  2. Level 2: 4 clinic lesson a month 2 range 2 course, plus 2- 45 minutes private lessons $200 per month
  3. Level 3: 6 clinic lessons a month 4 range 2 course, plus 4-45 minute private lessons $300 per month
  4. Monthly club rental $50
  5. Custom fit Starter set $325 and up

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