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Gil is great! He really works hard to find the right way to deliver quality instruction especially when you just "don't get it". I've had several "ah haaa!" moments after he's explained a concept or correction tip to help my game. Highly recommen
Gill is super nice, and I definitely learned from doing this lesson.
He is very knowledgeable and patient.
Gil is very helpful and patient. He breaks down skills to make them easy to remember. All around great guy and instructor.
Mr. Davis was very insightful about the things in my swing that we worked on.
Great Instructor!!!
Gil is a terrific coach, his lessons helped me immensely
Gil is friendly, sincere and extremely knowledgable. In my first lesson, I gained tons of simple techniques to practice in between lessons. Gil breaks down the mechanics slowly & demonstrates with ease. I would highly recommend Gil!
Gil is very patient and knowledgeable about golf learning strategies. He will review your golf techniques and suggest, demonstrate and work with you using proving methods to correct your faults.
It's worth the price. Great guy, very knowledgeable
I learned in 1 lesson more than a season of trying on my own. Well worth the experience.
Pay good attention he knows his stuff.
Gil is very patient understanding. Great instructor
Take a lesson.
Gil uses a very easy to understand and transfer to the golf course method.
Very good with kids and professional
Gil was very patient and informative. His instructions/directions were very simple, which is good for the average golfer ...
He is a good teacher, patient and allow you to ask questions and responds patiently to the questions.
Pleased with the service and instruction provided.
Gil was awesome. He gave me great insight into fixing my swing. I look forward to going back to reinforce what I need to do.
Gil Davis is Excellent!!!
Great golf lesson, in just 1 hour pointed out a few things with my grip, set up and swing. I already feel better about my golf game and looking forward to seeing a few strokes taken off of my game. Can't wait until my next lesson!
Very satisfactory lesson, picked up on my problem swing very quickly. Good suggestions
Friendly, positive my son learned several things from the lesson
Very professional and informative lesson.
I bought this groupon for my 16 year old son. He said Gil was a great teacher and learned a lot for a beginner. He has more confidence now to pick up the game.
Gil is a good instructor. He clearly explained what I was doing wrong with my swing and how to fix it.
Great teacher!
I had a very pleasant experience.
Mr. Davis was very professional and offered valuable information and instruction.
There is always a little apprehension when meeting a teacher/coach for the first time. You never know what to expect or how well his teaching style will match up with you. Rest assured that Gil Davis is definitely a pleasant find. He is very knowledgealbe, patient, & reassuring. He knows how to address each student based on their experience level. As beginning hack he was able to explain the fundamentals in an easy to understand & nonthreatening manner. It was a informative, painless (except for my shots), & fun. I would recommend this pro to anyone at any level. I plan on continuing my lessons after my 2 hour long Groupons are used up.
Great teacher that has trained with the best. Very knoledgeable and helpful.
Easy going...worked on some very helpful drills. Will continue lessons when Groupon expires.
Gil is a very good instructor. In addition to patience, he recognizes the physical limitations of his students/clients and works within those limitations to improve their game.
Great and professional experience
gil davis gave a very valuable lesson, helping to point out and correct swing flaws that i have been bothered with. i would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with their golf game. thanks gil!!!
Before my lessons with Gil my golf skills were very very poor. He moved along at a pace that worked well for me. He knew exactly what to do to help increase my skills quickly This was one if groupopns best values..