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      We are Targeting June 15 as opening day.  Be Safe, Stay Home and we will see you soon!  

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I am happy to announce that I have been ranked as one of the Top

 African American Golf Instructors in the country!

I would like to thank all my students for making me improve myself everyday

      It is time to learn golf using the easy, effective, proven swing philosophy of Gil Davis.  While individual intensity may differ, the path of the program is the same.  We will build, improve or refine your golf game, starting with the short game and working through the bag to full swings. 

     My current and past clients include Illinois golf hall of fame members, club professionals, college scholarship players, professional athletes, and people from many other walks of life.  My goal is to help you to see your complete game, so you understand what to work on and why.  Then you will have the ability to refine and master your swing. 

     My passion is giving you a game to enjoy for a lifetime, not a hobby that you need instruction all the time in order to play.  This is a great game to enjoy, compete, socialize, and build business relationships.   Let's work together to get your golfing life on the right track!


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