Player's Club Sale below join for as little as $35 per month!
2020 Player's club

Affordable lessons package with a few added perks.
  1. First your membership includes either 4-45 minutes private, or 2-45 minutes, or 1-hour lessons a month.  
  2. You will receive 50% regular price lessons and 20% off lessons on sale.  
  3. You will save 25% off club regripping services, club repair, and custom made clubs.  
  4. You will receive a detail practice plan after each lesson uploaded to your own CoachNow page to help make your practice better.
  5. Offseason access to online lessons/coach on demand.  Upload your swing on Coach Now and get tips and critiques on your swing within 48 hours year round.
  6. There will be a Monthly Player's club league during the season.
The membership dues are $90 a month for the weekly lessons, $60 a month for the bi-monthly lessons, and $40 a month for the monthly lessons. Dues are paid monthly for 12 months.  Lessons will occur May 1, 2020 to October 1, 2020  Offseason lessons from January 2 to April 30th.

Payment options